IXIL SX1 exhaust complete system, for Honda CB 650 F/CBR 650 F

IXIL SX1 stainless steel complete system Honda CB 650 F/CBR 650 F,14-20, with catalytic converter, E-approved Euro 3+4

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IXIL SX1 stainless steel complete system with catalytic converter suitable for Honda CB 650 F and CBR 650 F 14-20. E-approved.

IXIL silencers have in common a high quality finish with stainless steel interior. Combined with the end cap and the carbon heat shield you get a visually and technically high quality silencer with super optics and deep rich sound that meets all customer requirements. E-tested, of course.

All IXIL mufflers come as bolt-on or slip-on replacement mufflers. The scope of delivery includes the manifold and muffler as well as all parts needed for mounting.

Tailpipe diameter: approx. 80 mm
Weight: approx. 4 kg
Shape: Rectangular with round end
Surface: Stainless steel & Carbon

With Euro 4 approval

Note: Without Noise-Killer the operating license expires.

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