IXIL SX1 stainless steel complete system for Kawasaki Z 900, 17- (Euro4)

IXIL SX1 stainless steel complete system Kawasaki Z 900, 17-, E-approved with Euro 4 admission.

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Complete IXIL SX1 stainless steel exhauster system with catalyst, E-marked
Suited for Kawasaki Z 900, 17- (Euro4)

Note: Does not fit the 70kW, A2 machine

IXIL silencers with stainless steel interior and solid. Combined with the endcap and heatshield made from carbon you get a top-looking and technical top of the range muffler. Excellent optic and deep full sound fulfil all customer`s requirements.All IXIL silencers are bolt-on or slip-on exchange mufflers. All needed parts are contained in the scope of delivery.

Diameter: ca. 80 mm
Weight: approx. 4 kg
Shape: rectangular with round end cap
Surface: stainless steel & carbon

Delivery contents: 1 piece exhauster system with catalyst

To remove the Noise Killer is not to be allowed on public roads!
Suited for vehicles approved to Euro 4.

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