IXIL X55 for Kawasaki ZX 250 R Ninja, 08-12


IXIL X55 Silencer, stainless steel brushed, Kawasaki ZX 250 R Ninja, 08-12, E-mark

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IXIL X55 brushed stainless steel steal pot, Kawasaki ZX 250 R Ninja Year of construction 2008-2012. e-tested.

all IXIL- mufflers have in common a high-quality workmanship with stainless steel interior and solid, exchangeable Noise – Killer. Combined with the available outer covers made of black lacquered or brushed stainless steel, you get a visually and technically high-quality silencer.

Super optics and deep, rich sound meet all customer requirements. All IXIL mufflers are supplied as bolt-on or slip-on replacement silencers. All parts required for mounting are included in the scope of delivery.

Tailpipe diameter: 140 x 114 mm
Tailpipe length: 330 mm
Weight: 1.4 kg
Form: triangular (rounded)
Surface: brushed stainless steel, chrome-plated slash-cut end piece

Optionally available:
196-001: Noice-Killer with small through holes
196-002: Noice killer with large through-holes
196-004: Noice killer with small through-holes and catalyst
196-005: Noice killer with large through-holes and catalyst

Note: Without Noise killer the operating license expires.


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