IRONHEAD silencer H-D Dyna Low Rider, 14-16


Silencer, black, stainless steel, H-D Dyna Low Rider, 14-16, slip on, D=88mm, L=400mm, without E-mark, mainstand not possible No homologation. Not for use in public road!

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IRONHEAD silencer made of stainless steel, black
No homologation. Not for use in public road!
Suited for Harley Davidson Dyna Low Rider, 14-16.

As good as it can be – allow yourself something very special! This premium quality complete system from IXIL creates the beat for your Bike. Deep inside the massy stainless steel inner workings of the muffler builds up a deep, fat sound. Furthermore IRONHEAD supports the best performance of the engine. All IXIL silencers comes as ‘bolt on’ or ‘slip on’ exchange mufflers of a superior quality.

This acoustic and visual highlight is available for many Classic- and Custom Bikes. For modest Roadster, pretty cool Scrambler or fat Harley Davidson motorcycles. Very precious and contrasty settles out the lasered logos of the black painted or high-gloss chrome covers.

Customise your Bike by choosing optional endcaps. Available in different shapes and colours, all adjustable in four different positions, you get extravagant styling opportunities.
Take a chance of this fantastic styling options and enjoy your ride down-the-line.

IRONHEAD is the premium product line of the Spanish-based brand IXIL for Classic- and Custom Bikes. The whole production process, from the laser cutting machines to the welding robots is computer-supported. So the company guarantees highest quality at competitive rates.

Technical information
Length: 400 mm
Diameter: 88 mm
Weight: 2.1 kg
Shape: round
Surface: AISI304 stainless steel

Delivery contents: 1 piece incl. exchangeable noisekiller and all needed parts for installation.

Optional available: Extravagant styling opportunities because of exchangeable endcaps
• Conical, chrome: Item No. 078-0165C
• Conical, black: Item No. 078-0165B
• Slashed, chrome: Item No. 078-0160C
• Slashed, black: Item No. 078-0160B
• Bottle, chrome: Item No. 078-0162C
• Bottle, black: Item No. 078-0162B
• Short Gun, chrome: Item No. 078-0163C
• Short Gun, black: Item No. 078-0163C

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