TAKKONI stainless steel silencer for Kawasaki Z 1000 10-, Z 1000 SX 11- (Euro3+4)


TAKKONI brushed stainless steel silencers, Kawasaki Z 1000 10-, Z 1000 SX 11- E-approved with Euro 3+4 admission.

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TAKKONI stainless steel pots (right/left) brushed. E-approved. Suitable for Kawasaki Z 1000, 10-, Z 1000 SX 11-, (Euro3+4)

Takkoni stands for proven technology and sporty design. With an excellent price-performance ratio Takkoni convinces by highest quality. The stainless steel pots are supplied with a brushed finish and all necessary attachments as bolt-on or slip-on replacement silencers:
Form: Oval
Length: 450 mm
Width: 100 mm
Height: 120 mm
Weight: 2,92 kg
The stainless steel pots do not fit on the specified models with built-in cases! These would have to be removed!
Suitable for vehicles homologated to Euro 3+4.

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