IXIL Hyperlow stainless steel silencers for Kawasaki Z 1000 10-, Z 1000 SX 11- (Euro3+4)


IXIL Hyperlow stainless steel mufflers for Z 1000 My. 10-, Z 1000 SX My. 11-, Dualexit, pair, for vehicles without suitcase. E-approved with Euro 3+4 approval.

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IXIL HYPERLOW, short double-tube stainless steel pots (right/left) with aluminium end caps. E-approved.
For Kawasaki Z 1000 Year of Construction 2010- and Z 1000 SX Year of Construction 2011- (Euro3+4)

all IXIL- mufflers have in common a high-quality workmanship with stainless steel interior. This technically and optically high quality silencer is made of brushed stainless steel. The super look and deep, rich sound meet all customer requirements. All IXIL mufflers are supplied as bolt-on or slip-on replacement silencers. All parts required for mounting are included in the scope of delivery.

Tailpipe diameter: 45 mm
Tailpipe length: 190 mm
Weight: 1,4 kg
Form: round
Surface: brushed stainless steel with aluminium endcap
Execution: fixing by clamp

Only suitable for vehicles without suitcases.
Suitable for vehicles homologated to Euro 3+4.
Without Noise-Killer the operating permit expires!


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