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The IXIL brand world

About IXIL

Founded in 1955, IXIL is now represented on 5 continents by over 40 importers. Paaschburg & Wunderlich GmbH is the general importer for the entire IXIL brand world in Germany.

Founded in 1955, the family business IXIL is now in its second generation and is located in the heart of Barcelona.

IXIL uses the latest technologies in all development and production processes. So it is not surprising that IXIL enjoys the trust of various racing series that support world-class teams. This allows the latest materials and technologies to be tested to meet the highest quality standards.

The IXIL brand portfolio includes the core brand IXIL as well as the brands IXRACE®, Takkoni and IRONHEAD. Paaschburg & Wunderlich GmbH is the general importer for all IXIL brands in Germany.