IXIL HEXOVAL XTREM Evolution rear silencer Kawasaki Z 900, 17- (Euro4)


IXIL stainless steel silencers HEXOVAL XTREM Z 900, 17-, black endcap, pair, with chambersystem. E-approved with Euro 4 admission.

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IXIL HEXOVAL XTREM EVOLUTION. Pair of stainless steel silencers brushed with black endcap and multi chamber system. E-mark.
Fits Kawasaki Z 900 model year 2017- (Euro4)

IXIL silencers with stainless steel interior and solid, replaceable Noise Killer are of a superior quality. Combined with the available cover in black painted or brushed stainless steel you get an absolute top of the range muffler, both of the technical and design point of view. Excellent optic and deep full sound fulfil all customer`s requirements.

All IXIL silencers are bolt-on or slip-on exchange mufflers. All needed parts are contained in the scope of delivery.

Diameter: 125 x 100 mm
Length: 493 mm
Weight: 3,0 kg
Shape: hexoval
Surface: stainless steel brushed
Types: multi chamber system

Extra accessories:
107-017: Silencer/mainfold gasket

To remove the Noise Killer is not to be allowed on public roads!
For vehicles approved to Euro 4.

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