IXIL Rear silencer HEXOVAL XTREM Evolution, GS 500 E, 89-00 and GS 500 F, 04-09


IXIL Silencer HEXOVAL XTREM Evolution stainless steel, E-mark, GS 500 E, GS 500 F, 04-09, black endcap, with chambersystem

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IXIL HEXOVAL XTREME EVOLUTION. Brushed stainless steel pot with black end cap and multi-chamber system. E-approved.
Fits Suzuki GS 500 E all years of manufacturing and GS 500 F, 04-09

all IXIL-Common to all end pots is a high-quality finish with stainless steel interior. Combined with the available outer shells made of black lacquered or brushed stainless steel, you get an optically pleasing finish.and technically high-quality silencer.

Super optics and deep, rich sound fulfil all customer wishes. Of course E-tested.

All IXIL mufflers are available as bolt-on or slip-onExchange silencer supplied. All parts required for mounting are included in the scope of delivery.

end pipe diameter: 125 x 100 mm
end pipe length: 493 mm
weight: 3.0 kg
surface: brushed stainless steel
finish: multi-chamber system

optional to order:
– 072-001: Noise-Killer with large through-holes
– 072-004: Noise-Killer withCatalyst
– 107-017: End pot/elbow seal

Supply: 1 stainless steel end pot

The original system must be cut through. Adapter for retrofitting the original system is locatedat.
Without Noise-Killer the operating licence expires.

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