TAKKONI for GSX 600/750 F, 2 in 1, 88-97

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TAKKONI brushed inox silencer, E-mark, GSX 600/750 F, 2 in 1, 88-97 (GN 72 A/GN 72 B)

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TAKKONI stainless steel silencer brushed. E-mark.
Fits Suzuki GSX 600 / 750 F model year 1988-1997 (GN 72 A/GN 72 B/ GR 78 A).
2-1 exhaust system. Only mountable without main stand.

Takkoni stands for a reliable technology and a sporty design. Despite the high quality standards Takkoni silencers offer an outstanding value for money.
The stainless steel Takkoni silencers feature a brushed surface and a distributed with all necessary attachment parts.
All Takkoni silencers are E- Marked, therefore the integrated noise killer can be removed for racing and show purposes only.

Details silencer:
Shape oval
Length 450 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 2,92 kg

Adequate Noise killers are:
196-001 (small holes)
196-002 (large holes)
196-004 (with catalyst and small holes)
196-005 (with catalyst and large holes)

Attention: To remove the Noise Killer is not to be allowed on public roads.

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