TAKKONI for GSX 750 RW, 2-1, 92-95 (GR 7 BB)

TAKKONI black stainless steel silencer for GSX 750 RW, 2-1, 92-95 (GR 7 BB), E-marked, original main stand not required.

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TAKKONI stainless steel pot, black. E-approved.
Fits Suzuki GSX 750 RW year 1992-1995 (GR 7 BB).
2-1 unit. Only mountable without main stand!

Takkoni stands for proven technology andsporty design. With an excellent price-performance ratio, Takkoni convinces with the highest quality.
The stainless steel pots are produced with a brushed surface and allare supplied as Bolt On or Slip On replacement silencers.
Because the Takkoni mufflers are E-approved, the integrated noise killer may only be used for racing or forcan be removed for show purposes!

details End pot:
Shape Oval
Length 450 mm
Width 100 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 2.92 kg

196-001 (small holes)
196-002(large holes)
196-004 (with catalytic converter and small holes)
196-005 (with catalytic converter and large holes)

Note: Without Noise-Killer the operating licence expires.

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